Wedding Trends and Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Weddings

After nearly a year of living through the pandemic and the familiarity of the word ‘lockdown’ the wedding trends for the rest of this year and beyond are without doubt going to be influenced by the Coronavirus.

A large proportion of us have been stuck at home for many months, not being able to see our nearest and dearest. This is going to have a huge impact on how we celebrate and how weddings will be organised for the rest of this year.

Here are a few wedding trends and predictions on how the pandemic will impact the organisation of weddings.

Acts of love and gratitude

wedding trends table setting

Whatever the size of your wedding, as well as the actual wedding ceremony this is also going to be a reunion of family members and friends. It is therefore going to create an incredibly special day, full of much love and gratitude.

You can very easily consider special acts of kindness on this day that will hold a deeper meaning for all your guests. These could include (numbers permitted) a handwritten note for each of your guests, an extra special wedding favour that may have particular meaning to you or your family. If you have chosen a Celebrant led wedding, you may consider asking your Celebrant to make a special mention of your loved ones or those who are no longer with us.

Other ideas include seed wedding favours or ensuring the wedding flowers are given to parents or grandparents. And with the continuing theme of the pandemic, you may also want to consider personalised hand sanitisers for each guest setting!


plant trees for sustainability wedding trends

This has been an ever-increasing and very popular theme over the past few years and even more so now. Many couples really do make a huge effort to ensure that their wedding is sustainable. A lovely idea is tree planting for all of your guests, one of the wedding trends that is sure to grow in popularity.

You may also want to consider who your local suppliers are for your meat and vegetables and going a step further you may opt for a vegan menu. In addition, you may choose eco-friendly wedding invitation and an eco-friendly venue. Instead of a gift list, you may opt for a charity registry for a special cause that is close to both of your hearts.

English country garden wedding

Continuing the theme of sustainability, the English country garden wedding will still hold its popularity amongst couples for wedding trends that will continue this year and next. The English country garden is always a perfect setting for a wedding reception. This choice of wedding reception will also be hugely impacted by the current trend of Bridgerton and The Crown on Netflix!

Micro weddings

No one can quite predict what is going to happen over the next few months as we head into Spring/Summer, so those who are determined to get married this year may opt for a micro wedding. This is a wedding with less than 20 guests, and I would predict that there will be lots of these over the course of 2021. Lockdown has been a time of reflection for many of us and this will have had an impact on who you will invite to your wedding. For many, it will simply be their nearest and dearest that they will share this very special moment in time with.

Glamour and glitz

The way we live our lives has changed dramatically over the last twelve months. I have seen lots of brilliant stories about people dressing up to put the bins out, for their weekly zoom social and the list goes on! So, after many months of not dressing up in our best bib and tucker, a wedding invitation is going to be the best opportunity to dress up to the nines. This will be an opportunity to remind ourselves that glamour and glitz can still very much part of our lives, especially at a wedding.


So, it’s been nearly a year of lockdown in the United Kingdom. We have all adapted brilliantly, but after many hours of Netflix binging, podcasts, zoom parties etc, we are going to want to party as soon as we can! A wedding is a brilliant opportunity for the best party. Social distancing and further measures may be with us for some time, but that said I am predicting that couples will want to make this an occasion to remember. Think about the best entertainment and a celebration that is filled with much fun, love and laughter.

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