Top Tips for Writing your Wedding Vows

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Weddings

It would seem that more and more couples are now choosing a Celebrant-led wedding and therefore have the freedom to write their own wedding vows. If you aren’t used to writing on a regular basis this could seem a daunting task. Please do ask your Celebrant to assist you on this journey in order to make sure your vows stand out and be memorable for your guests and most importantly for your spouse.

What Type of Wedding Vows do you Want to Write?

Start by discussing with your partner what kinds of vows you want to share with each other, you may want more traditional vows, or perhaps more modern. The next step is to write down your thoughts, spend some time doing this, don’t rush the process. You don’t have to write your finished vows in the first sitting, just brainstorm all the ideas that you might have. Once you have done this, put them aside for a few days.

Wedding vows

Sharing your Special Moments and Precious Memories.

You also need to decide on what promises you are going to make to each other, you can do this together or separately, so that they are a surprise on the day. You may also want to think about sharing special memories. Are there any particular stories or moments that you would want to share with your guests? It could be the first time you met each other, your first date, something funny or a milestone moment in your relationship.

You should also think about what you want to accomplish in your life together, what do you strive for, what drives you and how do you see your life together in the future. Traditional vows tend to end with ‘until death us do part’ or ‘as long as we both shall live.’ You can of course use these, but you may want to make it more personal to you both, it is important that you conclude your vows with some form of final promise to each other.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have written your first draft of vows, read through what you have written and see how it feels. You may want to change or alter the wording if it doesn’t feel right, take some time to do this, it may take a few drafts to get to the finished article. Practice with a friend, this a fantastic way to get feedback, it is also a great way to ensure your vows sound good. Make sure you practice them out loud a few times in advance of your special day.

Once you have your final draft, print a clean version ready for the day.

Remember to say ‘I Love You’

Finally, don’t leave the preparation for your vows until the last minute, give yourself plenty of time. Keep them succinct and remember to say what is most important to you and remember to say, ‘I love you.’

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