Love Will Always Conquer Covid

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Weddings

I conducted a Wedding Ceremony a couple of weeks ago for Geraint and Charlotte at an absolutely stunning venue, Pennard House near Shepton Mallet.

By the time the ceremony took place this was the fourth time that the couple had had to rearrange the date due to the ‘C’ word!

2020 has brought significant damage and upset to the Wedding Industry.

The turmoil that has been caused by the changing of rules on such a regular basis has left so many of us in a spin and not knowing when or how we will get our businesses buzzing again.

From the moment that I met Geraint and Charlotte I knew that this couple were very much in love, two people who are meant to spend the rest of their lives together. Every wedding is a joy and a blessing, but I was so excited to write this script, it all came together very easily, I was inspired by their story and their love for each other.

Determination and vision.

What also impressed me about this couple was their joint determination and vision to bring it all together. They had to rearrange their wedding four times and trust me this was not an easy feat. Ringing through lists of suppliers, asking their nearest and dearest attending the wedding to change the date again and the list goes on!

Lots of couples have chosen to rearrange their wedding to 2021 or even 2022 which may absolutely be the best plan for them, but I have also seen couples like Geraint and Charlotte, just go for it, they simply wanted to tie the knot and start their life journey together and what a joy that is.

All the love in the world.

Even though this was a much smaller wedding than originally planned, from the moment that Charlotte joined Geraint and stood in front of me I could feel all the love in the world around them. The love not only for each other, but from their family and friends who were able to join them on this very special day.

Smaller intimate weddings can be just as amazing.

And even though we all have to continually think about our ever changing world, the new norm, social distancing and ensuring all the measures and controls are in place, weddings can still happen, and they can be just as wonderful.

The ceremony was perfect and so were they. It was my absolute privilege to be chosen as their Celebrant. Geraint and Charlotte are a wonderful example that love will always conquer Covid.

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