December Engagements and a Growing Confidence for Weddings in 2021

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Weddings

A Growing Confidence for Weddings in 2021

I am very lucky to be part of a Celebrant Community, who extend the most amazing support to each other. This year has been beyond challenging and that community continues to inspire, motivate and keep each other strong!

What is significant from the conversations that I have had with a few of my Celebrant colleagues recently is that there has been a step change in the last few weeks in terms of a growing confidence for weddings in 2021. Whilst some Celebrants are moving and taking bookings into 2022 there are still many bookings been taken for weddings from the beginning of January 2021 and beyond.

Love is Not Cancelled

There are many people who will be feeling very uncertain about the tiers and restrictions that are still in place in our lives and all of the chaos and disruption that we have experienced this year. We may still be in the middle of a pandemic, but that does not stop people falling in love and getting engaged. Love is not cancelled.

We know that this situation is finite and not infinite and that gives us all faith, hope and love for the future. Most importantly I feel there is real sense among the Celebrant community that we will all be officiating lots of wonderful weddings next year.

December Engagements

Aside from Valentine’s Day, the festive period is a time when we see many couples get engaged. It is thought that about one fifth of engagements take place in December. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the most popular days in terms of proposals and its clear to see the reasons why.

For many people in the United Kingdom, there is most definitely a feeling of urgency to start Christmas and all its festivities earlier this year. Many are already decorating Christmas trees, writing cards and creating that sense of magic that comes around each and every December.

Families and loved ones are traditionally together at this time of year. People are feeling connected, loved and cherished and it’s a time of celebration. So why not make that very special proposal and share the magic with your nearest and dearest. New Year’s Eve also presents a wonderful opportunity for a proposal with lots of fireworks, fizz and even a kiss to kick the New Year off correctly!

A time for Reflection

Most importantly Christmas and New Year is a time of reflection for many and that will be even more poignant this year. People take stock of their year and what is important to them. For those who have already started to meticulously plan their proposals December presents the perfect opportunity and even more so this year.

It has always been in my nature to be positive, whatever obstacles and hurdles are thrown my way Yes, we may still be living through a pandemic, but there is light and there is hope and I have a wonderful feeling that 2021 will feel a lot different.

I am feeling so very excited for all of those wonderful proposals that are about to take place in December and to all of those couples who are about to write the next chapter in their lives. So, here’s to love and everything that it represents.

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